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Covid 19 Notice


COVID 19 Notice to all our patients,

Do you soon have an appointment with the dentist? The lockdown that was announced on Saturday 18 December 2021 has no consequences for your appointment. Oral care remains possible in the usual way and at the usual times.

Everyone is concerned about the developing situation with Covid-19, the new coronavirus, in the Netherlands, Europe and Worldwide.

We would like to reassure you that, as always we are here for you and shall continue to act to ensure the health and the safety of our patients and team.

The complete team is already fully vaccinated with booster and therefore reduces the risk of transmission of the virus to patients.

Within the practice we follow the protocol of the RIVM Dutch Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to normal sterilising and disinfection procedures, throughout the day dental chairs, all the door handles, waitingroom seats, tablets, card machine and reception desk are wiped down with alcohol wipes. We have plenty of handalcohol and hand soap and hand towels in all our rooms and toilet. There is hand sanitiser at the entrance. We ask each patient when they come in to wash and sanitise their hands.

All our treatment rooms are wiped down and sanitised between each patient as standard procedure. We have stopped all deliveries coming into the practice unless necessary in which case the delivery person sanitises their hands.
As matters develop we will need to respond to changing advice, possibly on a daily basis. We will do our best to continue to provide care with a proportionate response.

As part of this, we would ask any patient who has cold or flu like symptoms to cancel their appointment, follow government advice, and not attend until those symptoms are gone.

If you have an appointment for dental treatment we are currently saying continue with it. However we may have to contact you to cancel if the situation changes.

If you are medically compromised, we are deferring all treatments and routine examination appointments unless they are urgent until your are fully vaccinated or doctor advises you to come.

Online consultation – if you are self-isolating, or would just prefer to stay at home, and have dental concerns, we will be glad to arrange to have a discussion with you on the phone. Clearly this won’t be able to deal with everything but we hope we may be able to provide reassurance in many situations.
We would like to remind you of our constant message to keep up brushing and cleaning in between your teeth. Keeping your mouth healthy is an important part of keeping your immune system healthy.

And lastly, please know that we are committed to taking every measure possible to keep our patients and team safe and healthy. We will keep communicating with you when we have additional updates.

Best Regards
The Management Team