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Emergency service

Our practice can be contacted during normal practice hours between 8.00 and 12.00 and between 13.30. and 5 p.m. for emergency assistance on the emergency number 06-34567225. In our absence, please call the emergency dentist mentioned on the answering machine. (Or check the list below).

Click on this line to see on the list who is currently the emergency dentist of the on-call service Tandartsen Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

Tandartspraktijk Maatschap Mathijssen provides an emergency service with a number of practices in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Most dentists in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen are affiliated with this. This service mutually arranges dental care outside normal practice hours . In case of an emergency, the emergency service can be reached by telephone in the evenings, at night, at weekends and on public holidays. You will be referred to the dentist on duty via the answering machine of your own dentist. Always take your health insurance card and identity document with you. In all cases, the dentist on duty will assess the period within which any treatment is necessary.

What is a dental emergency?

Emergency is understood to mean: Trauma with teeth involved (accident), post-treatment bleeding, acute and severe pain and potentially life-threatening inflammation. 

When is treatment during the shift not necessary? 

Moderate pain, pain that can be suppressed with painkillers, pain from dentures and failed fillings that do not cause major complaints are examples of problems that do not require urgent treatment. Please note that a visit to the dentist on duty entails additional costs, which usually have to be paid directly. Usually PIN can be used. For not regular clients it is not possible to declare the treatment directly to the insurer. Depending on the nature of the complaints, the costs can vary from 50 to 250 euros. After the treatment, your own dentist will be informed in writing about the treatment that has been given to you.

Tips regarding the emergency service:

– come at the agreed time
– identification with a valid ID is now mandatory. You must also bring your health insurance card with you.
– bring an overview of any medicines you use
– Payment must be made immediately: take a PIN card with you. Usually cash payment is not accepted.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we strictly follow the rules of the Dutch Ministry of Health (RIVM). (more info regarding Corona pandemia on this website) .We are minimizing the number of visitors to our practice.: A maximum of one supervisor per child or disabled person may come along (only if necessary). You are not allowed to enter the practice if you do not have an appointment. We ask visitors with complaints of a cold, cough, fever and/or recently developed shortness of breath not to come to the dental practice and to discuss this by telephone first.